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  • Year 2 SATS Preparation

    Teaching Children at their early age is quite challenging but at the same time the child can show tremendous improvement. They get to know the pattern of working and can be disciplined easily in their written work.
    This course begins in September. It covers English Grammar, Comprehension, Basic writing, and Mathematics.
    • Option 1: £95 per month (Weekly one hour session)
    • Option 2: £139 per month (Weekly 2 hour session)

    Most of the students may not need to attend the 2 hour session weekly as the whole syllabus will be covered for SATS by the end of April following year. However some children will require additional help nearing to the exams in some areas that they will be weaker such as Problem solving in Mathematics. Therefore we suggest upgrading to 2 hour session for couple of months nearing to the exams and then reducing to the normal 1 hour session.

  • 11 Plus Courses

    This course is designed for the children who are willing to apply for grammar schools for their secondary education. Currently the places in grammar schools are very competitive and selective catchment areas are in place.
    Very high standards are expected from children in order to sit for these exams. However, children who are enrolled for this courses will be automatically in high standards to meet the school targets in Year 4, 5 & 6.
    Intake for this course will be in September when your child progress to Year 4 where the whole syllabus will be covered in the 1st year and then followed by Paper Cass.
    Subjects: Verbal , Non-Verbal , Mathematics, English, Vocabulary & CEM Style Questions
    • Option 1: £151 per month ( Weekly 2 hour session)

    Course work Classes will take place during Year 5 Holiday times such as

    February Term 1 Week: £80
    (2 days = 4.5 x2 = 9 Hours)
    Easter Term 2 Weeks: £230
    (6 days = 4.5 x 6 = 27 Hours)
    Summer Term 5 Weeks: £580
    (15 days = 4.5 x 15 = 67.5 Hours)

    This Course also focus on Independent School exams such as City of London, Haberdashers’, North London Collegiate and many more.

    Analytical and Creative skills are developed and each child will find this as a challenge to learn. Mathematical complexed problem solving methods are taught in order to achieve higher grades. In the past 10 Years, the results are promising.

  • GCSE

    Currently there is a lot of changes taking place to the whole curriculum where the standards raised up for all the subject areas. We individually look into each exam board area and personally provide excellent teaching methods to cover the current syllabus. Furthermore provide excellent past paper materials and do corrections in a way that student can adopt the same approach to do independent study at home. Feedbacks are given to students in order to make them get highest grades in their examination. Ultimate aim will be A/A*.
    • GCSE English: £108 (Weekly 1 hour 15 mins session)
    • GCSE Mathematics -: £ 108 ( Weekly 2 hours session )
    • GCSE Science -: £ 108 ( Weekly 1hour 15 mins session )

    Students can clarify their doubts in the subject area and focus on a clear structure to do revision.

  • Secondary Education

    We aim to help students with their School Syllabus and make sure that they get good grades in the School exams.
    • English: £108 (Weekly 1 hour 15 mins session)
    • Mathematics: £ 108 (Weekly 2 hours session)
    • Science: £ 108 (Weekly 1hour 15 mins session)

    Students can clarify their doubts in the subject area and focus on a clear structure to do revision.

About us

Three Dots Institute is a growing and unique company that has been providing tuition for over 10 subjects for the past 10 years. 

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