16 Productivity Tips Every Designer Needs to Know

16 Productivity Tips Every Designer Needs to Know

iPhones are powerful little devices, but is it powerful enough to create and foster an entire social media marketing strategy? Oh, you bet.

Social media marketing is a crucial step for emerging brands — it connects you and your brand to your audience in such specific and important ways. One of its most important aspects is immediacy, so knowing how to grow and run your brand socials from your phone is a must for any marketer on the go.

In this guide we’ll break down seven ways that you can grow your social media brand when only armed with your iPhone. And the best place to start?With the new Canva app for iOS. Create stunning designs on the go using the fully stocked library of free and premium elements, photographs, and layouts, and share your designs with the tap of a button.

In the realm of social media marketing, visual content is king. With consumers scrolling through hundreds of ads, posts, and notifications at any given moment, it takes a bold visual content strategy to set your brand apart from the rest.

But how can we create eye-catching content worthy of engagement from our phone? Get acquainted with Canva’s social media layouts. Beautifully designed and fully customizable, you can find a template to suit just about any need and create content in a flash.

Check out how athletic wear brand Lululemon uses custom visuals to promote their various links to content. A stylish and beautiful graphic is always far more engaging, eye-catching, and enticing to click on than a simple URL.