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Three Dots Institute is a growing and unique company that has been providing tuition for over 10 subjects for the past 10 years. With us you will able to see your child’s improvement rapidly. Our main focus is to prepare your child to face the examinations successfully through a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods. At Three Dots we believe in medium sized group classes as it helps the tutor to focus on each child and we further believe that the best way for your child to learn is by interacting with other children in the class. All the tutors are selected according to their teaching experience and the level of expertise.


Whether you stay with us for one week or for one year we will make sure you will have the time of your life.

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You will be assisted by those whom are the masters of their subject matter.


You've spent the time growing your skills, now get certified to be recognized for the work you've done.

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Popular Courses

Year 2 SATs Prep

Teaching children at their early age quite challenging but at the same time the child can show tremendous improvement.

11+ Courses

This course is designed for children who are willing to apply for grammer schools for their secondary education.


Currently there is lot of changes taking place to the whole curriculum where the sandards raised up for all subject reas.


We aim to help students with their school syllabus and make sure they get good grades in the school exams.

Advance Level Subjects


Advance level economics


Advance level Accounts

Chemistry & Biology

Advance level chemistry and biology

Maths & Science

Advance level math and science

Assignment , Essay, Coursework, Thesis & Dissertation writing help

We have a team to help you build up your Assignment, Essay, Coursework, Thesis & Dissertation without much of a hassle at Three Dots Group located in Northolt. 

Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Corporate Strategy, Accounting, Management and Business Law are the expertise sectors with competitive pricing. 

It's always better to get an expert help in order to attain the best results that the tutors look forward to, so that you could be on the right path and it may take so much pressure off. This will enable to put that time effectively on studies for the exam purposes and can make you get good grades overall. 

We also offer consultation for all academic needs in order to understand the process and offer you the best solution through our team of experts dealing with your query, while ensuring the best quality and time line. So far we have met the deadlines early as possible so that feedback from the tutors could be considered and the amendments could be taken into consideration to achieve the best results.

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Our teachers have years of experience educating students in both online and in a classroom. They know the importance of interacting with students and make themselves readily available to answer questions and help students thrive.

Vino Thavabalasandran

Vino Thavabalasandran

BA (Hons), PGCE & CIMA
J Kumar

J Kumar

Manoharan Dilukshan

Manoharan Dilukshan

Raj Thava

Raj Thava

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Three Dots Institute is a growing and unique company that has been providing tuition for over 10 subjects for the past 10 years. 

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